Homemade Food Vs. Processed Food

Do you know what’s in the food you eat? Unfortunately, you may be surprised! At NutriMill BOSCH we are always looking for ways to help you live a more healthy, complete life, and one of those ways is by helping you eat fresh, homemade food.

Sadly, with the amount of preservatives and other additives added to food these days, making your own food is even more important. Did you know that on average, Americans eat 6 to 9 POUNDS of additives each year? So what are these additives, and what are some of the potential side effects?

To help answer this question and promote awareness for freshly-made food, we’ve created the following infographic. Read through it and then go take a peek in your pantry to see what you find!

“East or West, home is the best” is very true to the meaning. No matter in which part of this world you go, it is the home that gives ultimate pleasure. Similarly, when it is about your mind and body, none is better than your mother or wife to take proper care. Today’s generation prefers partying out at night and having lunch or dinner in a restaurant. Even the office goers need to change their regular diet often because of their hectic schedule. Still nothing else can beat the importance of homemade food – the health and nutrition that you receive from home made food keep you healthier and safer.

Homemade food is often cooked with natural ingredients than the unprocessed foods. Obviously, the fast food has got its own taste yet those are prepared using unprocessed foods that are in no way healthy. For an instance: the fast foods have a propensity of containing higher amount of sugars, sodium and fat. Contrarily in homemade foods, you can include healthy and natural ingredients by adding more veggies and fruits. So, you have the control in your hands on the quantity of ingredients to be used in the food.

As a mother, you will desire to give your child all the best things in life. When you are so concerned about your child’s health then nurturing him/her with homemade food should be in your priority list. A research being made on kids revealed the importance of homemade food. As per the research – kids who eat homemade foods are lesser prone to gain weight. This is because the homemade food contains more amounts of fresh vegetables and fruits than trans-fat, lesser fried food and soda. So, kids no more eating in a restaurant!

Plan out your weekly menu wisely to save both your money and time and helps to create a balanced meal including:

• Fat • Protein • Carbohydrates • Minerals and • Vitamins

All the aforesaid things are equally important for children and adults. Eating regular balanced meals can satisfy your body, decrease cravings and avoid snacking during late nights.

Another importance of homemade food is it can help you to lead a healthy and better life specifically if you are on diet. You can restrict from eating more amount of calories when dining at home. Otherwise it becomes hard often to control your calories when dining in restaurants. Moreover they prepare the food in such a way that you can end up overeating. Preparing food at home can control your diet although it might not be so delicious like the fast food served in restaurant.

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