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My raw food beginners course “A Beginners Guide to Easy Raw Food Preparation” – can be checked out online at Udemy.

My course allows you to incorporate more healthy raw vital food to your lifestyle is now LIVE.  The course is around 5 hrs long and has 57 Lectures.  This course includes over 40 step by step video recipes and downloadable pdf recipes for all recipes.  It also comes with 2 Bonuses – a PDF of Bonus Recipes and a PDF on Cultured Foods.

Raw Food Beginners Course

My raw food beginners course sells online for A$65 – but with this being my LAUNCH I have included a COUPON Code Link below, which takes A$50 (over 75%) off the price.  Leaving the course at a special price of A$15.  The course is then yours to keep forever, for your reference.  There are some Free Previews for you to have a look at, before you go ahead to make a decision to purchase.

Raw Food

Raw Food is quickly becoming a very popular way of eating, not only does it provide essential nutrients, fibre and is easy on our digestive system – but now in our modern world raw food is taking on an all new level of excellence, with amazing simple and gourmet recipes that are not only tasty and delicious, but also amazingly healthy and nutritious.

I have put together a raw food beginners course that looks at some basic recipes and kitchen staples, that can be built upon and incorporated into your lifestyle – no matter where you stand at the moment.  A lot of the recipes in my course can be used with cooked food, sneaked into family meals, as well as stand alone.  Learn and master the basics of Raw Food Preparation and feel confident that you are providing yourself and your family the best nutrition whereever possible.

My hope is that armed with some basic skills and ideas, you can incorporate raw foods into your diet at home and grow at your own pace into a new world of health and vitality.  Once you are comfortable and confident with these foods you can then take it further and incorporate more and more healthy raw foods into your lifestyle.  Along with raw food you can explore vegan and plant based foods as you begin your journey to health.

Fridge & Pantry

In my raw food beginners course I will go through in depth how to shop and fill your fridge & pantry, as well as showing you the equipment you will need to get started.  I will take you step by step through over 40 videos recipes and I will also give you a pdf download of the recipes at the end of each section.  Recipes ranging from breakfast cereals, breads, cultured foods & drinks, soups, burgers and mouth watering deserts, including 2 delicious ice cream recipes.

At the end of my course I have put together a bonus presentation with some information on the plant based and vegan lifestyle, to give you a better understanding of my mantra “Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Earth”, which outlines why a vegan lifestyle is not only good for your health, but it is also critical for our environment and the peace and compassion needed for the animals.


Looking forward to seeing you inside.  LuvNLight Ann

Link to take up special offer of A$15:  CLICK HERE

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