Let’s Manifest a Peaceful Abundant World

Our world is a beautiful, abundant living organism that supports our human lives in a way we can’t yet comprehend.   Unfortunately there are powers that be that have been controlling us for such a long time, but now with the awakening of human kind to who we really are, all this is now about to change.  It is time now for us to all take back our power and our beautiful planet.  We don’t have to pay to live here on our earth any more.  We have to manifest a peaceful abundant world.

Is Our Planet Really Broken

We are constantly reminded of how our planet is being broken and how our nature and resources are being destroyed and exploited. But let me remind you we cannot destroy our beautiful planet and we should not be focusing on fixing the planet.  The real issue we need to address is the system under which we are all controlled slaves to the minority elite.  Our beautiful planet can just shake her feathers or blow her mountains and shake us off and she will continue anew.  Once we take back our right as human beings to co-exist on our beautiful Gaia in tune with nature and her natural laws, we can turn back the harm we have done and bring back balance, peace and love.  I do not mean going back to living in jungles and to basic lives (unless this is what you would like) – I mean embracing hidden and new technologies that are in tune with natural laws, letting go of our monetary systems and all working and contributing to the greater good of each other.  Our greatest gift is our Love and it is also our greatest power.  We can all have peace, love and unimagined abundance – we can travel to the stars and back and we can embrace each other without slaving at a 9 to 5 job and being told we need to work for the system to be good citizens.  We can cure all our ills with natural laws –we have been given shoes and lotions to stop us connecting with our human battery our earth and our sun.  We are fed poisons in our water and in our food, when we are sick we are given chemical pharmaceutical drugs to further poison our systems.  The ruling elite are all involved in our agriculture, our chemical/pesticide and pharmaceutical companies – they are not looking after us or our health and wellbeing – but trading us in stock exchange and filling up their bank accounts.  Our banking system is also corrupt and highly illegal – giving us debts we spend a life time trying to repay.

Manifest Our World

We can all manifest our world and each of us are co-creators in that task – since I have been creating a beautiful world of peace and abundance I have come across people and organisations that are making positive steps in this direction on our behalf and at the end of this article I will give you the information on these people. Information on incredible technologies that have been squashed, all in the name of power, profit and greed.   We can have free energy, the technology is already here and has been for at least 100 years – this point alone will change everything – it frees us up from the monetary system and from those that manipulate and control us.  These are the people we need to get behind and manifest into our realities.  The Good News People is that it is not too late – this is now the greatest time in history, where we can change it all and manifest a world of beauty, love and peaceful co-habitation, where abundance abounds for everyone – no competition for resources, no wars, no crime – a world where we can follow our passions and be the creators that we are.  We are all beautiful souls, beings of the light – little sparks of God of the one presence and we are now coming out of the dark and becoming aware of this.   Each religion talks of a presence of spirit – but unfortunately each religion has been given rule books and scriptures have been re-written to create a hierarchy of control.  In our new free world we are all free to follow our own spiritual path or religion, but instead of being given rules we are free question and follow our own true spiritual truth.


During this time of transition we all need to radiate love and compassion to all those that are not yet awakened – although they may frustrate and sometime enrage us we must remember they are still stuck in the dense nature of their reality. All we need to do is radiate love to them and keep our greater mind on the task of manifesting a better earth and let them come over when their time is right – as it was said in the bible ‘forgive them for they know not what they do’ – most people only crave love and acceptance and if we show them this – they will eventually awaken to the greater reality that is also their birth right.

In closing this article – I would like to say that we should be focusing on peace and our beautiful new world and way of existing free on our own planet. We bring forth what we think about – so in this frame we shouldn’t be staging ‘anti war’ rallies or like, as this brings our focus to war.  We should instead be staging ‘peace rallies’ and bring forth the thoughts of peace.  We could do such things as organise a day where people of the globe go out into nature with their family and friends and have a picnic – imagine millions of people demonstrating in this way, what a message that would delivery.  Even when the challenges to better our world seem surmountable – remember we are great creators and nothing and I mean nothing is impossible   It is not an impossible fanciful dream it is a very possible dream, reality and outcome.


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